Current Exhibitions

Norman Rockwell: The Man Behind the Canvas

April 30-July 31, 2016

It is no exaggeration to say that Norman Rockwell is one of the most popular, most loved, of all contemporary artists. For 39 years while the face of the world was changing unbelievably, Norman amused, charmed and inspired a great many millions of Americans.

This exhibition explores the man behind the canvas through the lens of Louis Lamone, and introduces America’s most beloved illustrator in a never-before-seen glimpse into his private life through anecdotal and personal memorabilia. Also featured are 100 Saturday Evening Post covers from 1936–1972.

Norman Rockwell: The Man Behind the Canvas originated from the LaGrange Art Museum, LaGrange, GA.

Dignity: Tribes in Transition
Photographs by Dana Gluckstein

April 22-June 19, 2016

DIGNITY: Tribes in Transition captures the fleeting period of world history where traditional and contemporary cultures collide. The 60 black and white portraits of Indigenous Peoples span three decades and pay homage to these imperiled cultures. Whether photographing a Haitian healer or a San Bushmen chief, Gluckstein infuses each portrait with an essential human grace.

Gluckstein distills the universality of experience that links us all yet never sacrifices the dignity of the individual. “The ancient ones tell us where we have come from and where we must go as a world community. Humanity’s survival depends on how carefully we listen,” states the artist. Many of the cultures represented in this exhibition — African, South American and Asian — are also represented in the museum’s permanent collection.

Dan Gunderson
Toys Series

May 17-August 28, 2016

A long-time professor of art at Stetson University, Gunderson creates luminous works of art depicting toys that are arranged in radial symmetry, creating a kaleidoscope effect. His colorful images shift the eye between the image's pattern and the familiar toys that comprise them.

This exhibition is on view in the rotunda and features 17 photographs mounted on Plexiglas from the Toys series.

Patrick Dougherty: Stickwork
Fancy Free


With a bevy of volunteers, from Feb. 1-19 sculptor Patrick Dougherty (Chapel Hill, NC) designed and built a site specific sculpture out of Crepe Myrtle and Elm limbs. Titled Fancy Free, the artist was inspired to create a sculpture with a jogging, casual footprint that works in juxtaposition to the angular, linear quality of the Appleton’s building, windows and reflecting pool. He also drew inspiration from Marion County’s status as “Horse Capital of the World,” creating his series of huts to resemble the natural, easy gait of a horse, with the hut closest to the museum boasting a wild mane. Fancy Free will remain a part of the outdoor Sculpture Walk and Garden for approximately two years, until it naturally decomposes.

For more information on the artist and this project, click here.

Art of the Ancient World


The Appleton presents a selection from our permanent collection of antiquities. The antiquities collection includes more than 900 pieces, collected by Arthur Appleton and gifted by several other generous donors. Art of the Ancient World includes fine examples of Egyptian, Greek and Roman works along with others from neighboring ancient civilizations.