Upcoming Exhibitions

Paradise Park Remembered: Photographs by Bruce Mozert and others

January 23-April 24, 2016

Paradise Park was a segregated Florida attraction opened in 1949 by the owners of Silver Springs, the state’s oldest attraction, and operated by an African-American staff until 1969. This exhibition will feature approximately 100 photographs taken by former Silver Springs staff photographer Bruce Mozert, as well as snapshots from private collectors and Marion county Black Archives.


January 16-April 17, 2016

In late January, the Appleton welcomes Patrick Dougherty for a three-week residency, during which time he’ll be building a site-specific, outdoor sculpture on the museum grounds. Dougherty has become renowned for his unusual and dynamic outdoor sculptures built with tree branches and saplings. During the anticipated two years that the sculpture will stand before it decomposes into the landscape, it will be a part of the museum’s outdoor Sculpture Walk and Garden. Also on display from January 16-April 17, 2016, a selection of drawings, video and photo documentation of the artist’s past projects.

Dougherty has completed more than 260 installations worldwide and needs your help to make this project a success. The Appleton is seeking dedicated, volunteer assistance from individuals, groups or organizations to assist the artist with the construction of the Stickwork sculpture from February 2-20, 2016.

Artist Talk with Patrick Dougherty
Thursday, February 11, 6-7:30 p.m.

Dougherty will speak about his past projects, as well as his process and inspiration behind the Appleton’s sculpture.

Journey into Imagimation: 100 Years of Animation Art

January 16-April 17, 2016

Imagimation includes 136 pieces celebrating the past 100 years of animation, an art form that continues to evolve. This extensive exhibition presents a full range of animation techniques, from the ground breaking traditional animation of “Gertie the Dinosaur,” created by American Winsor McCay in 1914, through today’s many digitally supported animation productions and applications.

Imagimation is culled from the collection of The Animation Hall of Fame, Inc., founded in 2010 by animation professionals, collectors and historians Nancy and Hal Miles. Encompassing several thousand pieces, the collection covers all of the styles, techniques and many international artists throughout the history of animation and represents the Miles’ extensive 30-year animation collecting passion.

Guided Tour: Women in Animation
Thursday, March 31, 2 p.m.

A guided tour of special exhibition Imagimation: 100 Years of Animation Art by Nancy Miles, co-founder of the Animation Hall of Fame and co-curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition was orgnanized by Nancy and Hal Miles from the Nancy and Hal Miles Collection. Exhibition tour management by Landau Traveling Exhibitions.