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Water’s Margins : Paintings of Florida’s Springs by Margaret Ross Tolbert

January 27 -  June 2, 2024

Over the last four decades, Gainesville-based multimedia artist Margaret Ross Tolbert has traveled extensively throughout areas of Florida and many international destinations that boast exceptional springs, waterways and caves. (more…)

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Karen Glaser : Springs and Swamps

February 10 -  July 7, 2024

Trekking waters from the magnificent Everglades through the pristine rivers and springs of north central Florida, Karen Glaser uses her camera to capture the abundant beauty found within Florida’s natural ecosystems. (more…)

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Across the Threshold of India : Photographs by Martha Strawn

February 3 -  July 7, 2024

"Across the Threshold of India" portrays one of India’s and the world’s longest and least-known religious practices — the art of sanctifying space through the creation of threshold diagrams. The threshold is a profoundly important concept that represents a passage between one space and place and another, creating a visual bridge between the secular and the sacred. (more…)

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Every Fiber of My Being : Abstract Fiber Art by Charlita Rae Whitehead

April 13 -  September 8, 2024

Experience abstract fiber art in “Every Fiber of My Being,” a solo exhibition by Charlita Rae Whitehead. (more…)

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Outsider Aviary : Robert W. Smeltzer’s Birds of America

January 20 -  August 4, 2024

In 1966, Robert W. Smeltzer Sr. (American, 1906-1997) found a copy of John James Audubon’s (1785-1851) “Birds of America” (1827–38). Over the next 25 years, the former electrician and Navy veteran combined his love of birds and passion for carving in an endeavor to reproduce every species in Audubon’s book. (more…)

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Ancient Pathways : A Legacy of Trade

February 16, 2024 -  December 31, 2025

The Silk Road wasn’t just one road but a vast network of land and sea trade routes that started around the 2nd century BCE. It connected the far reaches of China with the Mediterranean Sea, stretching over 4,000 miles through challenging terrains like harsh deserts, towering mountains and fertile plains. (more…)

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Artistic Legacy : The Story of Arthur I. Appleton

July 5, 2021 -  December 31, 2025

Ever wondered where the Appleton Museum of Art got its name, or how the museum found a home in Ocala? Stroll through the history of the Appleton Family and the museum to learn all about Marion County's cultural gem. (more…)

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