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Current Exhibits

Elements of Art : Work from Independent School Students

January 11 -  February 6, 2022

An annual exhibition of artwork from Marion County Independent School students. (more…)

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License Plate Tag Art

January 18 -  February 13, 2022

An annual exhibition of license plate tag art submitted by Marion County fifth-grade students for the “Marion County Tax Collector Kids Tag Art” program. (more…)

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Arts4All Florida

February 22 -  March 6, 2022

Featuring artwork from Marion County K-12 ARTS4ALL Florida students. ARTS4ALL Florida provides support and champions art education and cultural experiences for and by people with disabilities. Their vision is to create a world in which the arts are universally accessible. (more…)

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Superintendent’s Art Show

April 26 -  May 8, 2022

An annual exhibition featuring one work of art that best represents the art program from each Marion County Public School. (more…)

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Appleton Studio Art Showcase

May 10 -  August 7, 2022

The fourth annual exhibition of work created by adults and children in the Appleton art classes, camps and workshops. (more…)

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