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Equine Art From the Permanent Collection

April 15 -  September 24, 2023

Drawn from the permanent collection, see a selection of painting, prints and drawings that highlight the majestic horse. On view in the first-floor Preview Gallery.

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We Can Be Heroes : Works from the Permanent Collection

April 15 -  August 27, 2023

From depictions of comic-book greats to everyday heroes without a cape, see prints, paintings and photographs from the permanent collection that celebrate extraordinary people.

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Eternal Summer : Works from the Permanent Collection

June 10 -  September 24, 2023

For better or worse, summer is a steadfast way of life in the Sunshine State. (more…)

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The Unscene South : Charles Eady Revisits History

July 1, 2023 -  January 28, 2024

A little-known population of Blacks lived free in the United States, long before Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery. Through Charles Eady's paintings, "The Unscene South" shares evidence and details of their existence, and presents opportunities to view the realities of their daily lives, seeking to eliminate many misconceptions about Blacks and the South. (more…)

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