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Upcoming Exhibits

Invented Observations : Photographs by Steven Benson

April 30 -  November 6, 2022

Benson’s photographs find magic in things, places, people and processes not intended to carry any grand significance, representing a search for meaning influenced by Existentialist writers like Camus, Kafka and Dostoevsky. (more…)

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Finding Beauty : A Collaborative Exhibition with the Ocala Civic Theatre

May 12 -  September 25, 2022

"Finding Beauty" is a unique collaboration that merges costume drawings, photographs, and more from Ocala Civic Theatre's production of "Beauty and the Beast" with the objects that inspired them from the Appleton's permanent collection. (more…)

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BLOW UP II : Inflatable Contemporary Art

October 15 -  December 18, 2022

"BLOW UP II" explores the imaginative ways that artists use air as a tool for creating large-scale sculpture and includes imagery that is figurative and abstract. Accessible, yet rich with meaning, these pieces use perception of space to open a dialogue about pop culture and social norms. (more…)

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