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En Pointe : Expressions of Dance in Art

June 29 -  October 6, 2024

Dance is a vital form of art that is often underrepresented in institutions like museums. In dance, our bodies are the paintbrush and the world is our canvas. It is performative, occupying space and elapsing time, and it is a particular challenge to capture motion within one static moment, one gesture to convey the entirety of a performance. Yet, it is a challenge many artists have endeavored for centuries. (more…)

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Common Thread : Photographs by Theresa Segal

July 27, 2024 -  January 5, 2025

"Common Thread" is an anthology of photographs by Florida artist Theresa Segal. Included are photographs taken throughout Florida, as well as a selection of prints from a collaborative photography project exploring Baracoa, Cuba, that are part of the Appleton's permanent collection. (more…)

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