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Mobile Photography Exhibition : 7th Annual

July 13 -  August 8, 2021

The "Mobile Photography Contest & Exhibition" is back for its seventh year. This exhibition features all of the entries submitted in the four contest categories. Submit entries during the month of June. Learn how to  submit your photos by clicking here.

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A Breeze Through Fertile Gardens : Paintings and Drawings by Andrew M. Grant

July 10 -  November 7, 2021

Andrew Grant’s paintings are inspired by the four elements; earth, air, fire and water. His current work explores how women interact with these elements, using the idea and symbolism of a garden to tie the concepts together. His representational works integrate surrealism, myth and legend to depict women in meditative states that invite the viewer into the narrative. (more…)

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Heart of the Horse : Photographs by Juliet van Otteren

October 9, 2021 -  April 24, 2022

Forty black and white photographs of horses that reflect the beauty and complexity of these exquisite animals. (more…)

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Alphonse Mucha : Master of Art Nouveau

November 6, 2021 -  January 9, 2022

From 1895 to 1910 Alphonse Mucha (1860–1939) was one of the most significant artists in all of Europe and considered by many as the creator of the Art Nouveau style. (more…)

Exhibition and museum tour organized by Landau Traveling Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA.

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Garden Party : Botanical Paintings by Susan Martin

November 20, 2021 -  April 24, 2022

Florida artist Susan Martin's photorealistic canvasses explore the botanical world by concentrating on small portions of plant life. (more…)

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