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Heart of the Horse

Forty black and white photographs of horses that reflect the beauty and complexity of these exquisite animals.

Juliet van Otteren’s first passions were dance and riding her horses bareback across the countryside. As an adult she studied various philosophical disciplines and lived for a number of years in the Middle East and the Himalayas, where she first explored portrait photography.

During the 80’s Juliet worked in Manhattan as a photographer, but seeking a more peaceful environment to pursue her artwork, chose in 1989 to move to the English countryside. Almost as soon as she arrived, the National Portrait Gallery in London began to acquire her work and within a year Juliet created precedent law by becoming the first photographer ever to be granted an artist’s working visa to the U.K.

For the next ten years Juliet created her art in England and in France, finally returning to live in the USA in the late 90’s. Today Juliet continues to travel the world creating unique images that are housed in the collections of major museums on three continents.

Juliet’s photography book, “Heart of the Horse,” with texts by astrophysicist and author Alan Lightman and a foreword by renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, was published by Barnes & Noble in 2004.

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