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Invented Observations

Benson’s photographs find magic in things, places, people and processes not intended to carry any grand significance, representing a search for meaning influenced by Existentialist writers like Camus, Kafka and Dostoevsky.

The myriad random events we encounter are layered with a relevance we apply to them. This is the process of constructing our world.

Benson says, “As the French Curator Jean-Claude Lemagny once told me, “Although the subject matter of your photographs varies from landscapes to portraits, the soul of the images are the same.”  The comment deeply affected the way I thought about the connection between ‘internal’ and ‘external’ within the photographic process.”

Benson is a Professor of Photography/Video at the School of Photography and Media Studies, Daytona State College. He has been an educator, fine art and commercial freelance photographer for more than 25 years.

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