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The Shape of Things

Drawn from the Appleton’s modern and contemporary permanent art collections, see a selection of Op Art and Geometric Abstraction paintings and prints, on view in the second-floor Preview

The exhibition includes work by Victor Vasarely, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Takao Tanabe, Lenore Laine, and more. Short for Optical Art, Op Art began in the 1960s and uses shape, color and repetition to create optical illusions. Closely related, Geometric Abstraction is a form of abstract art that relies on shape, color and pattern to create non-representational images. Many artists working in this genre look to mathematics for inspiration, each creating their own artistic, visual vocabulary.

(pictured) Richard Anuszkiewicz (American, 1930-2020), “New Glory,” 1975, Serigraph on paper, 26 x 19 ½ in. Gift of CVI Art Management and Art for Education.

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