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Water’s Margins

Over that last five decades, Gainesville-based multimedia contemporary artist Margaret Ross Tolbert has traveled extensively throughout Florida and many international destinations that boast exceptional springs, waterways and caves.

Tolbert says, “The paradisiacal Springs of North Florida are my paintings’ subject and metaphor. The springs paintings begin on site at the water’s edge and often in the water. I swim in the springs, I sketch underwater; I am inspired to write when I am beside them.”

“Water’s Margins” brings together a selection of Tolbert’s paintings created following visits and plunges into the waters in various Florida counties, including Marion, Levy and Citrus. The idea of the margins between humans and water captures the interactive fluidity of crystal clear waters that issue forth from the Floridan aquifer that are at once simply environmental and complexly inspirational.

Ranging from the great religious traditions of the world to philosophical treatises to scientific discoveries to Florida spring’s kayaking, the importance of water is never far from reach. Water composes over half the earth’s surface and atmosphere which is approximately the amount in each human’s body. As such, the exhibition invites you to come on in as the water’s fine.

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