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Luminous Worlds

Kristin Herzog’s large abstract canvases allow the viewer to enter into distant worlds of the artist’s making. Luminous and beguiling, the works occasionally evoke the interstellar, at other times the terrestrial world.

Originally from Massachusetts, artist Kristin Herzog is now based in Naples, Florida. After a career as one of the few female civil engineering draftsmen at the time, Herzog moved to New York City to begin training as a publication designer at the School of Visual Arts, and later became Design Director for Phi Delta Kappan Magazine. She has taught at Indiana University and the University of Florida, is represented in the Art in Embassies program and participated in international exhibitions.

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Click here to view Kristin Herzog’s online talk, part of our Artist’s Outlook series.



“Luminous Worlds: Paintings by Kristin Herzog”
January 9-June 27, 2021 in the Balcony Gallery for Florida Artists

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